The Latest News from Mini Screen Pictures


4 April 2016

Included in the Serendip programme at iCentrum

Amazing news! Mini Screen Pictures has been inducted into a brand new accelerator programme in the heart of Birmingham. Situated in Innovation Birmingham's new £40 million building iCentrum, Mini Screen will have unprecedented access to corporate partners who are signed-up to seek ways of innovating with start-ups. We're really excited to have this opportunity that will be second-to-none in giving us a framework to go from MVP to acquiring market traction.

CEO and Founder of Mini Screen Pictures, Charlie Price, had this to add:

"Having made considerable progress in developing our MVP since last August, the challenge of acquiring 'Client 1' was naturally emerging as the ultimate priority and logical next step. Being a part of this programme will enable us to have a wonderful chance to fast-track this process of proving ourselves in a real-world environment and building editorial credibility."

You can follow Charlie on twitter @_Charlie_Price

1 February 2016

Zoe Hodgkinson joins Mini Screen

Mini Screen welcomes another great addition to the company as Zoe Hodgkinson joins the team as our Executive Producer. After spending over 27 years of making TV - across all manner of platforms and formats, her experience will speak for itself in the resulting programmes that can be introduced on the Mini Screen platform. This is what Zoe made of joining the team:

"I'm really excited about the opportunity to be involved with Mini Screen Pictures. I'm passionate about making new and exciting content and the Mini Screen app is a fabulous way to reach a new audience."

You can follow Zoe on twitter @Zhodge

23 November 2015

Version 1.0 MVP ready for test

A big step in our developmental stage has been reached today. It's been an incredibly in-depth process, but after developing the iOS app over the last few months, we are now ready to put our MVP through rigorous testing.

5 November 2015

Enrolled in the Microsoft BizSpark programme

Great news for the company today - getting off the ground and even testing a tech product can be incredibly costly and time consuming - but not for us! Being accepted in Microsoft's Bizspark programme means we are set to receive loads of great advantages such as access to the Azure cloud and the right development tools that will ensure we're in the best place to develop our product and speed up development.

24 September 2015

Dave Evans joins Mini Screen

Mini Screen Pictures welcomes the arrival of serial tech entrepreneur Dave Evans as our CTO and Co-Founder. With decades of experience working at the forefront of software development and video player tech - his presence in the company will be invaluable in our efforts to build and launch our MVP.

When asked on joining the company, Dave said:

"What is most appealing about the Mini Screen vision is its blend of technology and creative media - making it a unique proposition."

You can follow Dave on twitter @DaveDev