Culture Cake

Culture Cake puts you at the centre of Festivals, Museums and Performance Art,
wherever you are and wherever you go - an entire arts ecosystem in the palm of your hand.

Museums, galleries, concert halls, festivals - we're surrounded by amazing art and culture, but it's hard to discover what's going on and interact with all of that quickly and easily - until now Icon Icon

We make a diverse and vibrant arts ecosystem easy to access and interact with. Gone are the days of randomly searching the web for "top events in X city", or scrolling endlessly through individual museum sites to see what exhibitions are on. Ever wandered through a gallery and felt like you weren't getting enough out of it? Ever downloaded a festival app then immediately deleted it afterwards? We take all of that hassle and turn it into one single app that solves those problems.

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Use your location to see what museums, galleries, theatres and festivals are near you, and then use our app to interact with them in every way: Culture Cake can be used to buy tickets to events and exhibitions, as an in-depth companion to festivals, interactive video guides to museums and galleries, and be used to watch live performances and behind the scenes content from the best theatres and concert halls in the world.


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